Jazyk: Hrangkhol

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Hrangkhol is one of the tribes in North Eastern part of India mainly in Assam and a few in Manipur and Tripura. In 2000 their population number about 18,665. Majority of them belongs to the Presbyterian Church. It was the Presbyterians who developed the Hrangkhol language especially its orthography. The New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs in Hrangkhol language was released in 1997. The need to have the Old Testament in Hrangkhol was strongly felt and a proposal was sent to the BSI, which was approved in May 1996, and the translation started in January 1999. The progress of this project was rather slow and in 2004, there has been a change of translator.

The New Testament was published in 1994 and the Hrangkhol Bible CL in 2008

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