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The Mising is one of the numerous tribes in the North Eastern part of India mainly in the Dibrugarh, Lakhimpur, Sibsagar, Jorhat and Sonitpur Districts of Assam with a large concentration in the Majuli Island in Jorhat District. Their population numbered about 500,000 to 700,000. They are the third largest language group in Assam. Christian population is very small about 4000. However, the growth of the Christian Church is very encouraging. Linguistically it is closer to the Adi language group of Arunachal Pradesh. The Government of Assam approved the usage of Roman script for Mising literatures. The NRP in Mising were published in 1996. The New Testament was published in October 2001. In 2004, the Mising Church leaders submitted to the BSI a formal request for the translation of the Old Testament into Mising, which was approved in 2005. However due to nonavailability of a full time translator the project could not begin a long time. It is now in the process of the translation of the Old Testament.

This translation, published by the Bible Society of India, was published in 2001.

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