O Devlikano lil e Sumnale Lukahtar 1936

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Rade Uhlik
Rade Uhlik was born in 1899 in Sarajevo in Bosnia and he was brought up as a Lutheran. He was a linguist interested in Romani. He became a secondary school teacher and in addition to Serbo-Croat and Romani, spoke German and English. He collected Roma oral traditions and studied the Romani dialects of the Balkans and created a Romani dictionary and published a collection of Romani poems. Rade Uhlik mainly was concerned with the Romani spoken in Bosnia, and was a contributor to the journal of the Gypsy Lore Society. In his studies of Gypsy dialects Uhlik coined the phrase Gurbeti, to refer to Romani used by culturally Muslim Roma in the Balkans. Gurbeti is a sub-dialect of the Romani language, or sometimes regarded a separate dialect. Rade Uhlik died in Bosnia in 1991.

O Devlikano lil e Sumnale Lukahtar
Whilst living in Prijedor near Banja Luka in Bosnia, Uhlik translated “O Devlikano lil e Sumnale Lukahtar” (the Gospel of Luke) into r̄omani čhib in the Gurbeti Arlija Romani used in Bosnia. It was approved by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1937 after an endorsement of Gillat-Smith, then British Consul in Leningrad, who visited Prof Rade Uhlik. It was published by “Englezongo thaj avere themengo Biblijako Amalipe” (British and Foreign Bible Society) in 1938. It was printed in Belgrade in Yugoslavia and catalogued as “Yugoslav Romany”. The text was digitised from an orginal copy in the British and Foreign Bible Society archives in 2016, with the assistance of MissionAssist. It was put on line as part of the United Bible Societies (UBS) Romani Affinity Group digitisation project.

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© British and Foreign Bible Society 1938, 2016